Research-based information increases understanding of the role religions play in conflicts and their resolution, according to Tapani Ruokanen.

 “The University is a nondenominational, objective institution of scholarship which seeks the true nature of things through facts,” says Tapani Ruokanen, the longest-serving editor-in-chief for Suomen Kuvalehti, priest and UH alumnus.

 “This is why the University is exactly the right organisation to examine how religion influences culture and society.”

Islam is now a common topic of discussion, as many terrorists claim to be motivated by radical Islam.

 “It’s very difficult to have a constructive discussion about this unless we have the right information and tools to analyse and understand Islam.”

The University of Helsinki is establishing a new multidisciplinary research unit with the goal of gaining more information about the role of religions in conflicts and their resolution. The hope is that the research will (be able to) help politicians, religious leaders and international peace negotiators prevent conflicts from escalating.

 “Finland has a good reputation in peace work. Promoting this project is an excellent opportunity to further boost Finland’s standing in conflict resolution.”

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