Every donation counts

We should remember the fundamental importance of research for humanity, says Ville Lovikka, doctoral student and long-term supporter of the University of Helsinki.

In 2015, Ville Lovikka, doctoral student in chemistry, decided to become a monthly donor for the University of Helsinki’s 375 Future Fund. His decision was the result of a sense of obligation and a desire to help.

“The role of universities in developing humanity is more important than it is currently allowed to be,” muses Lovikka.

“The more people value critical thinking based on knowledge and the better their skills in it, the less populism can gain a foothold and define the direction of our society.”

The decision was also fuelled by personal feelings.

“My university has given me a great deal — the opportunity to develop and apply my thinking while letting me find new hobbies and friends.”

Lovikka points out that even small sums can have a big impact, if a sufficient number of people become donors.

“The Finnish Cultural Fund collected a significant portion of its founding capital in the 1930s by having schoolchildren go door to door around Finland. They would collect a coin here, another there, but the total sum was staggering, thanks to positive feelings of pride in the country and the community.”

“I hope that research can evoke similar positive feelings and appreciation widely in the populace. That would inevitably reflect on contemporary politics.”