Sprink­ler sys­tem re­pair work will move to a new area on the 2nd floor of Kaisa house. Most of the floor is closed off until early July.
The history and cultural studies stacks on the 2nd floor of Kaisa House will be out of use for about four weeks from June 7 to July 4. Material from the stacks on the Fabianinkatu side of the building cannot be borrowed or reserved during this time (Historia ja kulttuurien tutkimus ARK -- Historia ja kulttuurien tutkimus Yhteiskuntahistoria).
Reading area and the stacks on the Kaisaniemenkatu side of the building are available, also the staircase and one elevator are in use. The reading area on the 2nd floor is intended to be used exclusively by University of Helsinki Community.
The unavailable areas and stacks have been marked in the floor map below. There’s also a notice in Helka database saying “Not available until July 4, 2021".
We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.
Historian ja kulttuurin tutkimuksen kokoelmat pois käytöstä 4.7.21 asti.