The text book stacks will be out of use starting July 8 due to sprinkler system repairs at Kaisa House. Come and borrow the text books you need beforehand!
The text book stacks on the 3rd floor of Kaisa House will be out of use between July 8-25, 2021. During this time the books cannot be borrowed. Please borrow the text books you’ll need during the summer already in June. 
You can make reservations for the text books in the stacks via Helka database, and they will be retrieved for you when the renovation is finished. You will receive an email notification from Helka when your reservation can be picked up as self-service from Kaisa House.
Text books needed for Open University's summer studies at the City Centre Campus in July and early August will be transferred to the 2nd floor, where they can be borrowed as usual. Course books for Faculty of Law’s summer exams will also be transferred to the 2nd floor if they are not available as an e-book.
The sprinkler system will be repaired in stages on all floors of Kaisa House. In total the repairs will take about a year, until the summer of 2022. You will find more detailed information about the renovation and its progress in Kaisa House on the library website.