Do you know CC-licenses and how to use them? Open Corner at 27 Feb, 12-2 at the Kaisa Library

Learn to use Creative Commons-licenses. At the Guidance Corner 27 February at 12-2 pm we will focus on copyright issues and CC-licenses used with Open Access materials.

At the Open Corner sessions library experts will give you tools to benefit and carry out open science responsibly. For the work or study  - We approach Open Science as a practical question.

Open Corner

Place: Guidance Corner, Kaisa House lobby (Fabianinkatu 30)
Time: 27 February 12-2 pm
Theme:  Do you know the terms and conditions under which you are allowed to share, modify and disseminate open web materials? Learn to use CC-licenses.

Students, researchers, lecturers and personnel - all are welcome!

Although we have a specific theme each time, you are still welcome to discuss any other subjects too.