Practical instructions for the exceptional situation at the Faculty of Medicine

Page last updated June 17 2021 | An exceptional situation has been declared at the University of Helsinki in the evening of 12 March 2020. This news contains information on the special measures taken into use at the Faculty of Medicine.

The latest information about the coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki is always updated here: Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki.

This page will only contain specified further instructions concerning students, staff and visitors at the Faculty of Medicine. Last updated June 17 (Organising recreational and development seminars)

General instructions by the Faculty of Medicine response centre:

  • Stay home when ex­per­i­en­cing symp­toms of a cold or the flu (Read more: the coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki -page, section: Falling ill, occupational health, quarantine)

  • Use a protective face mask and practise social distancing. Act as if you or the person you meet is a coronavirus carrier.
  • No information about incidents of exposure at the Faculty will be disclosed.

The latest guidelines and information about the coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki is always updated here: Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki.

Organising recreational and development seminars 

The response centre of the Faculty of Medicine has decided that, for the time being, recreational and development seminars cannot be held on University premises or with Faculty funding. The situation will be reviewed at the beginning of the autumn term.


Latest information updated here: University of Helsinki Coronavirus situation -page, section University buildings. 


Latest information on events can be found on the UH Coronavirus situation page, section Events. 

Coronabot and Koronavilkku

Coronabot (, Koronavilkku (

Protective masks

Wearing a protective face mask is required on University premises, unless there are no other people present. In addition, safe social distancing must be always observed whenever possible to prevent exposure.

Read more: The protective face mask recommendation of the University of Helsinki.

The Faculty of Medicine has purchased disposable protective masks for teachers, researchers and students. The Faculty has also purchased cloth masks. The protective masks distributed by the Faculty of Medicine are to be used in accordance with the protective mask recommendation of the University of Helsinki.

How are masks distributed?

Masks for teaching:

  • The necessity of using masks is assessed by course coordinators.
  • Masks are distributed by course coordinators.

Masks for work duties:

  • Masks will be distributed to the departments/research programmes, to be used in situations to which the relevant recommendations apply. The departments/research programmes will provide further instructions on mask distribution. The purpose of use and quantity of masks must be recorded when picking them up. Mask use will be monitored to assess the need for additional purchases.

Clinical hospital training

In the case of traineeships, the safety and security guidelines of the traineeship organisation (e.g., hospitals) are observed, and their equipment is used. Therefore, the hospital is responsible for providing the protective masks needed in all clinical instruction.

Travel, com­mut­ing and vis­it­ors

The latest information can be found here, on the UH Coronavirus situation page


Latest: Researchers

The Faculty of Medicine response centre would like to remind research groups about notifying about the commencement of new research projects (staff received the link to the notification form in the LTDK Koronatiedote email of 30 November). 

It is of particular importance for research groups to monitor the presence of staff in their group (e.g., using the monitoring Excel).

The latest information on tele­com­mut­ing and work­ing on the University premises can be found here, on the UH Coronavirus situation page. On the same page, you will find a list of the tings you are responsible for if you need to work on the University premises. 

Impact of the coronavirus on research funding

  • Negotiations can be conducted on an individual basis to extend the research funding granted by the Faculty of Medicine.
  • In externally funded projects, the external funding is used to pay salaries, regardless of whether staff can be assigned tasks suitable for remote work.
  • The University has gathered information on the impact of the coronavirus on the practices of research funders. This information and links are in Flamma


The latest, up-to-date University-level guidelines for teaching arrangements in the spring term are available on the University’s coronavirus situation page.  

Information pertaining to the coronavirus situation relevant to students is available on the Instructions for Students website. The site is updated whenever new information becomes available. 

Guidelines for planning and providing teaching in the autumn term 2021 at the Faculty of Medicine (to be updated when necessary

The rector has made a decision on the overall policy for the planning of teaching to be provided in the autumn term of 2021 (HY/909/ The Faculty of Medicine laid out further guidelines for planning teaching for the autumn in a meeting held on 9 March 2021, and on 11 May 2021 the Faculty decided on the following further guidelines for teaching arrangements in the autumn.

These guidelines will remain valid until the end of the autumn term 2021. If nationwide and local regulations/recommendations as well as the University’s guidelines are amended, these guidelines can be updated.

  • No contact instruction (lectures or seminars) will be provided to large student groups.
  • The restriction on gatherings means that no more than approximately 50 people may attend instruction. Safe social distancing will be observed in teaching facilities in accordance with facility occupancy rates.
  • All first- and second-year students will be offered some contract instruction sessions during the autumn term (approx. one-third of teaching in the autumn).
  • PBL classes in medicine and dentistry can be offered as contact instruction in the Basaari facilities.
  • Clinical instruction, laboratory work, dissections, clinical skills workshops and simulation training as well as instruction comparable to clinical training will be organised as contact instruction.
  • In the Degree Programme in Dentistry, the maximum number of participants in clinical skills workshops is 30 people.
  • In clinical instruction, the guidelines and instructions of the Helsinki University Hospital or another healthcare unit must be followed. It must be ensured in courses that students are aware of the current guidelines on entering a hospital or outpatient clinic as well as on related protective measures, hygiene and safe social distancing. Students must wear surgical face masks in the hospital’s patient care facilities.
  • Particular attention to complying with safety guidelines must be paid in contact and small-group teaching.
  • In remote teaching, attendance can be required, and an attendance list can be compiled by the teacher. The Faculty’s Potilas opetuksessa (‘The patient in teaching’) guidelines must be followed in teaching.
  • Teaching that requires attendance cannot necessarily be replaced with substitute assignments or self-study options. In the case of students in at-risk groups, normal absence guidelines apply. Substitute assignments are to be agreed with the course coordinator.
  • Protective face masks must always be worn on University of Helsinki premises.
  • In shared facilities, each individual is responsible for observing safe social distancing. 
  • Within the framework of these guidelines, degree programmes can lay out more specific guidelines for teaching arrangements. 
  • A plan on contact instruction to be held in the autumn term must be submitted to the Faculty’s response centre, with the exception of the clinical instruction, PBL classes, clinical traineeships, and clinical skills workshops and simulation training included in the teaching programme. 
  • The permits granted by the response centre for contact instruction in the autumn term are valid until further notice. 
  • Any other exceptions are always decided by the response centre.


  • Examinations can be held on site in the autumn term 2021, taking into account facility capacity rates, restrictions on gatherings and other safety guidelines. If teachers have questions about examinations, they should contact Examination Services at well in advance.

Remote teaching

Further information on the guidelines for remote teaching as well as instructions for remote examinations in Medipeda.


Please follow the university-level student guidelines.


If you have any questions about measures to be taken at the University as a result of the coronavirus, please send an email to


The most up-to-date information on the coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki is updated here: Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki

Only additional information meant specifically for students, personnel and visitors of the Faculty of Medicine is updated in this news. 

Faculty of Medicine's Response Centre:

The most up-to-date information on the coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki is updated here: Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki