Finland can’t afford to lose the fight for the future of education

Crossdisciplinary research maintains a general understanding of the world around us, says Pekka Haavisto, Member of Parliament.

A Member of Parliament for the Green League and the Foreign Minister’s Special Representative to African crisis areas, Pekka Haavisto speaks for cross-disciplinary research. Such research is necessary to study such topics as the role of religion in building peace or the ways people can consider the goals of sustainable development in their daily lives.

 - Our contemporary challenge is to maintain a general understanding of global affairs, and multidisciplinary research helps us do this.

A fight for education and its future is ongoing in Finland. Haavisto is particularly worried about the debate on the significance and equality of education.

- I believe that increasing skills and knowledge is always useful, even if it provides no direct benefits in terms of employment, says Haavisto.

- Access to education cannot depend on the wealth or place of residence of the parents. Equal education should be viewed as the foundation of the Nordic welfare state.

By donating to research you are helping to build the future of Finland.
Member of Parliament Pekka Haavisto