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Occurrence–habitat mismatching and niche truncation affected by anthropogenic range contractions

Occurrence–habitat mismatching and niche truncation when modelling distributions affected by anthropogenic range contractions

Sean E. H. Pang, Yiwen Zeng, Jose Don T. De Alban, E.L. Webb (2022). Diversity and Distributions. https://doi.org/10.1111/ddi.13544

ABSTRACT: Human-induced pressures such as deforestation cause anthropogenic range contractions (ARCs). Such contractions present dynamic distributions that may engender data misrepresentations within species distribution models. The temporal bias of occurrence data—where occurrences represent distributions before (past bias) or after (recent bias) ARCs—underpins these data misrepresentations. Occurrence–habitat mismatching results when occurrences sampled before contractions are modelled with contemporary anthropogenic variables; niche truncation results when occurrences sampled after contractions are modelled without anthropogenic variables. Our understanding of their independent and interactive effects on model performance remains incomplete but is vital for developing good modelling protocols. Through a virtual ecologist approach, we demonstrate how these data misrepresentations manifest and investigate their effects on model performance.