Postdoctoral researcher, University of Helsinki and University of Lapland, visiting researcher, Aalto university, LL.D.

Anette is interested in digitalization, especially the legal dimensions of new media and the internet, IPR and data protection. She is involved in research projects around human-centered personal data management, industrial internet, privacy and security in location estimation as well as transformation of authorship.



Postdoctoral researcher, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, LL.M., MSc, PhD

I am a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki (FiDiPro Project on the External Dimension of European Private Law). I graduated in Law and also in Business Management with majors in Commercial Law, Political Economy and International Businesses. MSc on International Trade. I received LLM and PhD degrees from the European University Institute. I wrote my thesis on Telecommunications Regulation. Currently, my research interests are very varied, including: Telecommunications regulation, Internet regulation, Digital law, Digital platforms, Sharing Economy, IT standardization, and dispute resolution.

Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, LL.D. Attorney, member of the Saint-Petersburg bar. 

Alexander researches dispute resolution in relations based on smart contracts; the influence of self-enforceable arbitral awards on the development of international arbitration; the new understanding of public companies in the token economy and the validity of mandatory arbitration clauses for stakeholders in initial coin offerings. 

 Helena Haapio, Associate Professor of Business Law, University of Vaasa & International Contract Counsel, Lexpert Ltd

Helena is a Contract Innovator and a Proactive Law pioneer. Her research and practice focus on enhancing the functionality, usability, and user experience of contracts. As the co-leader of the Nordic School of Proactive Law and of the ProActive ThinkTank she works with colleagues and designers to transform contracts from legal instruments to valuable business tools. Apart from merging legal design with technology, this includes rewriting and redesigning complex texts using simplification and visualization. She has designed and conducted training on Contract Design, Legal Design, Proactive Contracting, Contractual Risk Management, and related topics around the world. Her mission is to fundamentally change the way contracts and the law are designed, communicated, perceived, and taught. For details, see and

 Assistant Professor of Private Law, Adjunct Professor of European Law, University of Helsinki, LL.D.

Katri Havu researches the Digital Single Market of the EU, in particular as regards competition, consumer and contract law aspects. She is also more generally interested in development of competition and civil law in the face of digitalization.



PhD student, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, LL.M. trained on the bench

I have recently started my PhD studies on administrative law and digital law. My doctoral thesis will focus on digitalization of administrative procedure. I'm also interested in competition law and consumer rights related issues and how digitalization effects to those fields.

Professor of Communication and Information Law, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, LL.D. trained on the bench

LL.D, M.A., University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law

Research Interests: Privacy, Security and Data Protection. Technology and Law

PhD Candidate, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

Charlotta is a former lawyer that recently joined Chalmers University of Technology to explore the effects from digitalization on the legal industry.  She is currently completing their Phd program and focuses her research on the transformation of the legal industry and the implication on law firms and legal professionals. In particular she focuses on business model innovation and new ways to extract value in an increasingly digital context. 


Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, LL.D. trained on the bench, M.Soc.Sc.

Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo (University of Helsinki) is a lawyer with a background in social philosophy. In her current research, she focuses on EU privacy law as well as regulation of digitalisation. She is the author of Private Selves - Legal Personhood in European Privacy Protection (CUP 2021). She teaches jurisprudence and legal theory, EU law and privacy law. More information about Lindroos-Hovinheimo can be found here:

Phd candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, M.Soc.Sci.

My research interests are multidisciplinary and lie in the area of Internet Governance and constitutional law and I also draw insights from systems theory. The working title of my thesis is “The right to access the Internet: political encounters between law and Internet Communications technology”. In my Phd I  examine which kind of space the law is able to shape within the Internet architecture and why the notion of access has become so relevant for the language of rights.

PhD candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, M.Soc.Sc.

- specialist in EU competition law, in particular abuse of dominance that occurs in digital markets, also interested in privacy issues, big data, virtual competition, behavioural economics

- additional knowledge of EU law, internet technology law, IPRs, law and economics

Senior Lecturer ( the duties of Professor) of International Law, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, LL.D. trained on the bench

Professor of Copyright Law, Title of Docent, Commercial Law, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, LL.D. trained on the bench

Her research is focused on the impacts that digitalisation and development of technology has on intellectual property rights, in particular on copyright and trademark law. She has published several books and articles on these themes. Her current research interests include, for instance, developing more flexible structures and tools in copyright context, Anglo-American influences on European and Nordic intellectual property systems due to digitalisation, as well as more specific themes (such as 3D printing, IoT, linking and intermediary liability).

PhD candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Lapland, LL.M.

Jenna Päläs is a researcher and a doctoral candidate at the faculty of law at the University of Lapland. She is doing her PhD thesis on “Protection of the Customer in Peer-to-peer-based Sharing Economy Services and Products, Especially in Different Types of Crowdfunding”. Her main areas of interests are the contractual relations between resource providers, resource users and the intermediaries who operate the online platforms and facilitate resource exchange between the aforementioned peers. Her current research interests include platform-hosted, peer-to-peer-based exchange and contracting; technology-enabled collaboration and its interaction with law and contracting practices; regulatory and consumer policy issues; proactive approaches to risk management and protection of those individuals who use platforms to share and purchase different resources as time, money, commodities etc.; legal restrictions to the freedom of contract of the peer participators and the boundaries to active participation; how technological innovations and applications reform the framework of contract and private law; and how new ways of cooperation could be developed in a sustainable way.

PhD candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Lapland, LL.M. trained on the bench

Juhana Riekkinen is currently working on his doctoral thesis regarding electronic evidence, with a focus on criminal procedure. The research aims to determine how Finnish law of evidence adapts to solving the problems of evidence in the network society, and what kind of law of evidence would be needed in this new technological and societal environment. The research covers various legal aspects concerning the life-cycle of electronic evidence, including creation, collection, preservation, transfer, presentation, and evaluation of computer data that is relevant as evidence in a criminal trial. His research interests further include privacy and data protection law, procedural rights in criminal proceedings, and law of evidence and criminal procedure in general.

PhD student, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, LL.M. trained on the bench.

I have recently started my PhD studies on administrative law and digital law. My doctoral thesis will focus on digitalization of administrative procedure. I'm also interested in competition law and consumer rights related issues and how digitalization effects to those fields.

Professor of private law, Aalto university school of business. My research interests include contract and damages law, general law of obligations, methodology of legal research and, recently and increasingly, digitalization and law, especially smart contracts. My professional activities include also business consulting in my areas of expertise.

Doctoral Researcher at University of Helsinki and Visiting Lecturer of EU Competition Law at Tallinn University. Victor holds LL.M. from Stockholm University and Magister Juris from AAU.  

Victor’s main areas of research are EU Competition law and Intellectual Property Rights, in particular competition law infringements in digital markets. 

PhD candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Turku, LL.M., M.Sc.
Niklas Vainio is working on his dissertation in which he studies how the rights to privacy and data protection are construed in Finnish and European telecommunications surveillance law. His other research interests include constitutional law, theories of democracy and philosophy of technology. He has previously published on the philosophical and sociological aspects of free and open source software development.

PhD candidate in Commercial Law, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki. Visiting Doctoral Student, Faculty of Law, IECL, University of Oxford (2018). LL.M. Georgetown Law School (2011), Magna Cum Laude, Fulbright scholar. LL.M. College of Europe (2008).

Maria Wasastjerna researches the impact of digitalization on competition law and policy, in particular the role of big data, personal data and privacy issues. She is also more generally interested in the development of competition, data protection and consumer protection law in the digital economy.

Maria is also a practicing lawyer in a multinational technology company.