While Helsinki-GPE was established in 2020, there is a long tradition of publishing in Global Political Economy. The listings below highlight some of the key 2010s publications by scholars associated with the University of Helsinki.

Publications by Helsinki based GPE scholars in the 2010s–2020s


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Lainà, Patrizio (2019). “Money creation under full-reserve banking: A stock-flow consistent model”, Cambridge Journal of Economics 43(5): 1219–1248.
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Access to full text

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Ryner, M. (2021). "Is European Monetary Integration Structurally Neoliberal? The Case of the 1977-78 Locomotive Conflict". Helsinki Centre for Global Political Economy Working Paper, 03/2021. Access to full text

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Access to full text

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Access to full text

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Access to full text

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Access to full text

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