Seminars/Webinars 2020-2022

Webinars take place every Tuesdays via Zoom at 3 pm  or 4 pm (Helsinki time; EST). Max time 45 min + 15 min discussion

Webinares hosted by Prof. Mikko Airavaara, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki


 1.2.2022 at 3 pm, Glutamine Antagonist Prodrug Discovery: “A story of “BENCH 2 BEDSIDE”

8.3.2022, 3 pm; Novel applications of solubilizing properties of safe and economic solids in various fields of pharmacy giving green methods minimizing the use of harmful organic solvents"

15.3.2022, 4 pm; A Framework to Optimize Research Rigor and Reproducibility

29.3.2022, 3 pm; Gut brain axis in alcohol use disorder

5.4.2022, 3pm; The Tetrazine Ligation - A bioorthogonal reaction for Organic Chemistry in humans

19.4.2022; 3 pm.; Pregnancy - window to woman's health offering possibility to primary prevention.

26.4.2022, 3 pm.; Astrocytes - a possible treatment target to halt Alzheimer’s disease progression

3.5.2022, 3 pm; Cell type-specific vulnerability of striatal neurons in Huntington's disease

10.5.2022, 3 pm; New non-inclusion a-syn aggregate neuropathology – how to detect it, does it matter and can we counteract it?


fall seminar

26.10.2021; Prodrug strategies to overcome problems in drug therapy

2.11.2021; Animal models in drug discovery and development - a CRO perspective

15.11.2021, NOTE ON MONDAY!, From inhibitors to ligands – PREP modulation in the models of neurodegenerative disease

23.11.2021, Cause and effect of variation in drug transporter activity

30.11.2021; Ultra-high loaded nanoformulations of poorly soluble drugs and drug candidates: Structure-property relationships, safety and efficacy


14.12.2021; HSD17B-enzymes: Potential drug targets for modulating of steroid and lipid synthesis

FinPharmaNet Webinars Spring 2021


12.01.2021: Explorations into the medicinal chemistry of the abietanes: a tale of innovative antimicrobial compounds and materials


19.01.2021: Additive Manufacture of Medicines – 3D Printing, the 4th industrial revolution in manufacture


02.02.2021: Identifying and monitoring druggable pathways in neurons


09.02.2021: Cell-based in vitro models for the validation of no-systemic drug delivery


16.02.2021: Evolution of small chemical entities towards amorphous solid dispersions


02.03.2021: Rapid-acting antidepressants and sleep


09.03.2021: Needleless electrospinning of nanofibers


30.03.2021: Scientific writing and publishing – insights from an editor


06.04.2021: Functional Materials in Biomedical Engineering


20.04.2021: Nanomedicine in Pharma perspective: past, present and future


11.05.2021: 3DP: from nano to devices


18.05.2021: Homing peptides and precision nanomedicine



Webinars 2020


The virtual intestine – a simulation environment to understand advanced drug delivery



Pharma Industry Finland                                                                                                                               



Treating genital infections: is current treatment the best we can do?



Ultrasound-enhanced drug delivery using nanoparticle-stabilized microbubbles



Microarray patches for transdermal drug delivery and diagnostic approaches