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Annual meetings of FinPharmaNet

The FinPharmaNet Annual Meetings are the main regular events in the FinPharmaNet collaboration. These annual meetings aim to bring together the graduate research community from institutions throughout Finland and to provide an opportunity to share and celebrate graduate student research.

2022: The 16th Annual FinPharmaNet meeting, June 13-14, 2022
2021: The 15th Annual FinPharmaNet meeting, virtual event, August 26-27, 2021
2020: The 14th FinPharmaNet Annual meeting will be hosted virtually, 
27.8.2020 (9.00-16.00)

2019: Turku 13th Annual FinPharmaNet Meeting 2019

2018: Espoo 12th Annual FinPharmaNet Meeting 2018

2017: Kuopio 11th Annual FinPharmaNet Meeting 2017

Past Annual meetings


Topical research courses are organized by all three doctoral programmes involved in FinPharmaNet (DRDP in University of Turku, DPDR in University of Helsinki and DRDP in University of Eastern Finland).

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