LTER Finland (Finnish Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research network) brings together the Finnish research sites and scientists that have conducted world-class research on long-term socio-ecological processes and problems into a coordinated Finnish research infrastructure, where the expertise and resources of both universities and main governmental research institutes are combined. These ecosystem research sites/platforms support, enhance and promote the inter-disciplinary investigation of long-term biodiversity and ecosystem processes at varying spatial and temporal scales. The long-term perspective helps to determine the impacts of drivers and pressures of environmental change and to investigate ecosystem processes and their response to environmental pressures. Finland is also intentionally stressing socioecological and socioeconomic research components in the national and international LT(S)ER networks.

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Job opportunity by the Pierre Simon Laplace Institute (Paris) and the National Meteorological Research Center (Toul……


"The periods during which atmospheric CO2 levels are raised before forest regrowth can reabsorb the excess emission……


#Hyytiälä has been canofied!


We had a great #EcoClimate workshop this week, lots of new ideas and collaborations. Big thanks to everyone attendi……