Confucius Institute provides regular training workshops for local Chinese language teachers twice a year, once in Spring and once in Autumn. The aim is to bring together Chinese language teachers from all over Finland for networking and sharing experiences. The theme of the training varies and the training sessions are lead by different language experts and professionals both from Finland and abroad.

Confucius Institute 2021 Autumn Teacher Training

Standards and Examinations to Promote the All-round Development of Chinese Learners

Time: Saturday 27 November 2021, 10:00-12:00 EET
Venue: Zoom

Confucius Institute has invited Dr. Li Peize to talk about the HSK test development and its significance for international Chinese education. We kindly ask participants to write down related questions or topics of interest in the registration form. After Dr. Li´s presentation there will be time for questions and discussion.

Dr. Li Peize is the chairman and general manager of Continental Han Feng Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, and Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd. Dr. LI is the responsible person for tests such as the Chinese proficiency test (HSK) and the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (CTCSOL). Long engaged in the research, operation, and promotion of international Chinese language education, HSK, and online Chinese education, he is the leader of HSK outline research and development group, the planner of HSK standards course, the developer of The Standard for Chinese Proficiency in International Chinese Language Education, and the responsible person for research and development project of HSK test library system and Chinese Plus platform. His research interests include international Chinese language examination, educational psychology, learning environment, online Chinese education resources, and platform development.

李佩泽博士现任五洲汉风网络科技(北京)有限公司、汉考国际教育科技(北京)有限公司董事长兼总经理。汉语水平考试、国际中文教师证书等考试负责人,长期从事国际中文教育、汉语水平考试(HSK)、在线中文教育等研究、运营和全球推广工作,是汉语水平考试(HSK)大纲研发组组长、HSK 标准教程的策划者和《汉语国际教育汉语水平等级标准》研制组成员,以及汉语考试题库系统、中文联盟教学平台等研发项目负责人。研究方向为国际中文考试、教育心理、学习环境、在线中文教育资源与平台建设开发等。

Register by filling the following e-form by 22 November 2021.

The link to the online session will be sent to registered participants only.



2021 Spring Chinese Teacher Training

2020 Autumn Chinese Teacher Training

2019 Autum Chinese Teacher Training

2019 Spring Chinese Teacher Training

Aarhus University will hold a roundtable discussion on online teaching and learning of Chinese characters 网上汉字教学 on Oct. 8, 2021 at Aarhus University, Denmark.
The meeting will be a hybrid, i.e., online and onsite. 

Target groups:
We warmly welcome practitioners, teachers and scholars from Chinese studies and Chinese linguistics and language pedagogy to share knowledge, expertise, research and experience and to give inspiration to the practice and research of Chinese language teaching and learning.  

If you are interested in the event, check the conference website and register via the website.


Tasks and Technology Use in an Online Flipped Classroom by Haixia Wang 28.4.2021

Overseas Chinese Teachers Training Program 外国汉语教师来华研修项目

Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban offers annually 1-4 weeks long Training Programs for Overseas Chinese language teachers in China. The program offers courses on various topics related in Chinese language teaching like pedagogy, teaching skills, teaching materials, intercultural communication etc. All overseas teachers who meet the requirements can apply for the program.

1. Application Requirements
Applicants must be Chinese language teachers in authorized schools, non-Chinese nationality (teacher with Chinese nationality but who has got a permanent living permit in Finland is also eligible to apply), under 60 and in good health condition.

2. Application time
Hanban overseas Chinese Teachers Program opens for application in March. Application deadline is annually  June 1st.

2. Fees
Tuitions, teaching materials expenses and accommodation(double room) are covered by Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban. International round-trip tickets shall be covered by the applicants.

3. Application, Verification and Admission
1) Register, select the program and submit your online application here:
2) Submit the application to applicants’ recommendation institutions, which should be a local Confucius Institute/ Classroom, or the Education/Culture Department(office) of the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) in respective countries;
3) After your recommendation institution has checked your application, it is forwarded to your host university for review. Finally the application is sent to Confucius Institute Headquarters for approval.
4) The applicant can check the application status any time on Hanban´s Overseas Chinese teacher training platform.
5) After your application is approved you may contact the host university and start the enrollment procedures.