The Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki promotes academic research on China with a focus on contemporary China. Research on China includes joint projects, conferences, lecture series, guest lectures, and publications. The institute encourages mobility and exchange of researchers by offering scholarships to researchers.

Past Conferences

20 March 2018
Helsinki Conference on the Chinese Model of Governance

The one-day conference invites scholars to revisit discussion on the Chinese model of governance and articulate the old and new features of Xi Jinping’s model of governance. Most current research on the China model debates whether there is such model, and the characteristics and essences of the model if it exists. The kernel of various versions of the China model is a party-state-led market economy. In this regard, some scholars focus on the evolution of China’s governance and discuss different generations in which China had different goals and strategies to enhance its governance. This conference welcomes critical empirical case studies of various manifestations of the Chinese model of governance, ranging from local governance, local election, civil society to economic policies.

22 & 23 May 2017
To Mark the 10th Anniversary of the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki Confucius Institute organized in cooperation withThe Department of Teacher Education (The Chinese Education Research Group, CERG) an international conference Being and Becoming a Teacher of Chinese as a Foreign and Second Language Today - From the Weakest to the Strongest Link

5-6 June 2014
Intercultural Communication Between China And the Rest of the World : Beyond (Reverse) Essentialism and Culturalism?
中国与外部世界间的 跨文化交流: 超越 (反向)本质主义和文化主义?

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7 November 2013
Transforming China: New Leadership and Foreign Relations
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23-24 May 2013
Chinese Students, Teachers and Scholars Abroad: Myths and Realities
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9 October 2012
Transforming China: Economic Development and Social Management -Conference
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