The Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki maintains a special library on Chinese language, culture and society. In 2016 the library has been moved into the Helsinki University Main Library (Kaisa House). The collection is listed in the HELKA system and the books can be borrowed with a university library card.

About the collection

The library collection includes books and other materials from the following subject areas:

  • dictionaries
  • language learning and linguistics
  • art
  • geography and travelling
  • history
  • culture, anthropology and sociology
  • philosophy and religion
  • literature and study of literature
  • society, politics, economics, education
  • science, medicine, health, sport, cooking
  • children's books

The collection includes audiovisual materials, such as language learning software, educational films and Chinese movies. You can view the full library classification list here.

In 2012, the whole library collection consists of close to 3 000 titles.