Theses and dissertations

Every year, we supervise a considerable number of theses and dissertations and provide our research datasets for students working on their master’s and doctoral theses.

Regardless of your master’s level study track in the Faculty, you are welcome to apply for the right to write your master’s thesis at the Centre for Educational Assessment CEA. Master’s theses can be written as article-based theses or traditional monograph theses. 

Through master’s thesis supervision, we educate future assessors of education and provide solid support for students’ methodological skills. Annually, a handful of research assistant positions are made available in our research community for the summer or a longer period for students writing their master’s thesis.

If you are interested in writing your thesis in the research group of the Centre for Educational Assessment CEA, please contact Risto Hotulainen, Sirkku Kupiainen, Raisa Ahtiainen or Irene Rämä (according to your research topic) and join one of our master’s thesis groups organised by the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

CEA also provides doctoral dissertation supervision in the Doctoral Programme in School, Education, Society and Culture (SEDUCE) and the Doctoral Programme in Psychology, Learning and Communication (PsyCo). Doctoral students are part of our research community. Writing a doctoral dissertation provides you with an opportunity to familiarise yourself with both research in education and the assessment of education in the desired field. Get to know our research and assessment projects, choose the theme best suited to you and contact Risto Hotulainen, Raisa Ahtiainen or Kari Kantasalmi.

Several doctoral students work in our research community, and a number of them are working on their dissertations in salaried positions in the doctoral programmes. Doctoral dissertations can be written as article-based dissertations or monographs, but the former is the recommended form due to the opportunity afforded by it to write articles collaboratively with others, thus learning more about research and research cooperation.

We consider it important that students writing their thesis or dissertation perceive themselves as members of our community. Please attend our research seminars to get to know us and our activities. Let’s learn about, develop and build future methods of educational assessment together.

Please see our Finnish website for a list of theses and dissertations written at CEA.