The strategy of CEA in the University of Helsinki follows the guidelines of the University of Helsinki strategy. Our strategy emphasizes our guiding principles for our research and evaluation activities, guiding our operations in our key areas of focus. Our principles are producing new knowledge, dialogicality and ethicality. The central key areas that guide our research and development of our functions are the assessment of learning to learn, feedback systems supporting learning and teaching and assessing and developing various educational and teaching systems.

The research we carry out in CEA is multidisciplinary and reaches several research themes. The national learning to learn assessment, which we launched, represents our special expertise. Nowadays our research focuses on various levels of education and teaching cross sectional research of pupils, teachers, school and educational system as well as longitudinal developmental follow up. The newest focus on development and research represents for instance a computer based adaptive assessment scheme, built by us and for now, mostly in the use of authorities. Our strategy supports the development of our activities and the implementation of mutual strategical aims in CEA. Welcome to getting know about our strategy.