Pedagogical support and development

The Language Centre uses the latest methods to provide research-based, student-centred teaching. The Language Centre also continuously develops teaching to ensure a high-quality learning experience that enhances student expertise.

The Committee for the Development of Teaching as well as the Support for Teaching and Learning Unit are responsible for the development of teaching at the Language Centre.

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Committee for the Development of Teaching

The Language Centre’s Committee for the Development of Teaching (OK) discusses current issues related to teaching, particularly language teaching, at the Language Centre and the University of Helsinki. The Committee supports and promotes the planning, provision and assessment of teaching at the Language Centre. The Committee also puts forward initiatives and proposals concerning policies in educational development, and plans and organises pedagogical training sessions and seminars at the Language Centre. The Committee members include both staff and students. The staff members represent each of the Language Centre units. The Committee elects a chair and a secretary from among its members. The Committee’s term of office is three years.

The Committee can also invite expert members to join and can establish working groups for specific purposes.

Support for Teaching and Learning Unit

The Support for Teaching and Learning Unit (OOTU) is responsible for the strategy-based development of the Language Centre’s teaching, the coordination of curriculum design and quality assurance, the enhancement of teachers’ digital skills, the diversification of learning environments, support for internationalisation and the organisation of staff training.

The unit employs a head of development and two specialists.

Staff training

The Language Centre regularly organises seminars and events for the development of teaching, including research seminars and HILC seminars (University of Helsinki In-Service Training for Language Centre Teachers), arranged once or twice a month. The seminars are open to all Language Centre staff.

The Language Centre also organises staff workshops and commissions other tailored training. In addition, staff can participate in training in higher education, other training offered by the University of Helsinki as well as Finnish and international conferences and seminars.