Privacy notice,

  • is a WordPress-based blog platform for all university staff and students that can be used for creating a personal site or a jointly administered group site. is the test system of the Blogs service, and the privacy notice below applies to it as such.
  • When a user logs in, the following information is stored from the university’s access rights index: user account, e-mail address and name. A local user profile needed for producing the service is created based on this information.
  • The personal sites and user profiles created in are removed automatically when 18 months have passed from the expiration of the corresponding university user account. In the case of group sites, the removed user accounts are changed into anonymous accounts.
  • In order to delete information, the system reads the expiration date of the user accounts registered in the service at regular intervals. This information is not stored anywhere.
  • All the personal data that is processed is imported from the University of Helsinki’s access rights index. Notifications and correction requests related to incorrect personal information can be sent to
  • More information on the processing of personal data at the IT Center of the University of Helsinki is available on the “Processing of personal data and privacy protection notice” page