IT administration

IT services are produced at the University of Helsinki in a centralised manner in the IT Center and in a decentralised manner in faculties and departments. The central administration has a separate IT administration unit operating as a part of the Rector's office and managing the strategic direction, monitoring, and information security of both services.

The unit is run by Chief Information Officer Ilkka Siissalo who also acts as the Sector Manager of the entire IT sector.


IT administration tasks

  • directing the sector, setting objectives, and monitoring the profitability and expenses of the operations
  • strategic planning, setting and publishing of IT standards and instructions
  • supporting the Rector and other top management in IT issues
  • developing the IT architecture of the university
  • managing centralised IT procurement agreements such as centralised software campus licence procurements
  • managing and directing the information security operations of the university
  • coordinating internal IT training and agreements
  • IT cooperation with other universities and the Ministry of Education