Account on the use of personal data

The University of Helsinki wants to collect ideas and feedback from the University community via open questionnaires related to the values and other important topics affecting the future of the University. We will use the Viima innovation tool in the collection of the feedback.

We will process the personal data of University community members as follows:

  • We use your University e-mail address, your unit information (if applicable) and your name in the service.
  • Members of the University community use their own name when sending their ideas, comments and suggestions to us.
  • We will use University e-mail addresses to differentiate individual users with respect to other users and for communications. We may have to process your personal data due to technical reasons, such as resolving problems in the service.
  • We use your University e-mail address and basic user registries to determine whether you are part of the staff or a student as well as your likely main campus. We will group the responses according to this background information. The grouping of the responses will be carried out by a University of Helsinki staff member and will not take place in Viima.
  • The University strategy is an integral component of the duties of the University of Helsinki outlined in university law. We therefore have the right to process personal data in conjunction with strategy development.
  • The system receives your name and University e-mail address when you sign in. Campus and role information will be extracted from our basic registries via your University e-mail address.

The University of Helsinki Data Protection Officer is Lotta Ylä-Sulkava. Contact address: