Earthquakes in Finland

Several dozens of earthquakes are registered in Finland every year. These quakes are relatively weak, magnitudes ranging between 0–4. As the station network becomes denser, even the smallest earthquakes can be registered and the number of located quakes increases.

Have you ob­served an earth­quake in Fin­land?

Have you observed an earthquake in Finland or been in its area of influence? You can help us by filling a microseismic questionnaire. You can also fill in the questionnaire even if you weren't sure if the event was an earthquake. The Institute of Seismology at University of Helsinki verifies all observations and announces recent earthquakes in Finland within three working days.

ISUH collects observations about the felt areas and effects of different-sized earthquakes. The objective is that after an earthquake, as many people as possible fill in the felt questionnaire. You can fill in the form even if you didn't observe anything – that is a useful piece of information as well.

The observations are collected for non-commercial purposes. The personal data collected with the questionnaire are not forwarded outside the institute.

You can fill in the felt questionnaire here.