CTBTO contract for post-certification activities (PCA)

Seismic monitoring is one of the four technologies used by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) verification regime to monitor compliance with the Treaty. The objective of seismic monitoring is to detect and locate underground nuclear explosions and to distinguish them from other seismic events that happens daily, such as earthquakes.

The PCA project covers the activities that the Institute of Seismology will carry out in the operation and maintenance of the IMS primary seismic station FINES (PS17), Finland. The purpose of the project is to guarantee that the station meets the requirements of the International Monitoring System with respect to operational performance, technical characteristics, data availability and reliability.

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Jari Kortström (Station Manager/ Project director)

Pasi Lindblom

Jukka Keskinen

Anssi Juntunen

Kari Komminaho