Single-cell Proteomics and Genomics, BI

Single-Cell Proteomics and Genomics (ProtGen) unit develops and provides single cell services to both University of Helsinki internal and external customers. ProtGen is closely collaborating with the DNA Sequencing and Genomics Core Unit at Institute of Biotechnology.

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Viikinkaari 5D, Biocenter 2, Viikki Campus, Helsinki


  • Single-cell preparation and processing
  • Illumina library preparation
  • Project-based improvement of single-cell analytes and chemistry
  • Analysis of single-cell transcriptome/proteome readouts


  • Fluidigm Polaris 
  • Fluidigm Helios, a CyTOF system
  • InDrop, in-house built high-throughput single cell system

User fees:

The research infrastructure is supported by University of Helsinki (HiLIFE) and Biocenter Finland. Fees are based on individual projects, for more information please contact