SCA Project workflow

Project workflow

1. Project meeting

For users without prior experience in single-cell genomics analyses we recommend a project meeting where we can discuss about your project and decide the most suitable analysis method for it. Contact us for more information.

2. Book a Single cell analysis service

Book a Single cell analysis service via email.

3. Update us on your sample delivery time

On the day of the experiment, send us updates of your sample delivery schedule. Messages via email and mobile phone are ok.

4. Sample library preparation and next generation sequencing

Preparation of Illumina short read sequencing ready sample libraries and Next Generation Sequencing in FIMM SCA and Genomics Sequencing units.

5. Data processing and analysis

Generation of raw sequence files and pipeline analysis performed in FIMM SCA unit.

6. Data release

You will receive a data release email that contains information about the performed analysis as well as data location and access.

7. Acknowledge us

To help us secure our support from University of Helsinki (HiLIFE) and Biocenter Finland in future, we ask all users of FIMM SCA unit services to acknowledge us in publications resulting from the work done our unit.


Sample requirements

The condition and viability of the cells strongly affects the quality of the single-cell genomics data.

Optimization of the tissue dissociation and processing may be needed prior single-cell analysis.