HiLIFE lift up
The Protein and Proteome network Helsinki (PPN Helsinki) provides access to cutting-edge services and knowledge in proteomics and protein characterization. The PPN Helsinki services are accessible to all researchers in the Life Sciences locally, nationally and internationally. Our services include both basic and advanced proteomics analyses; peptide and protein top-down and bottom-up analyses, high-throughput quantitative proteomics, post-translational modification (PTM) analyses, glycoproteomics and glycan analyses, interactomics and x-linking structural proteomics, pathway analyses, MSe (DIA) with ion-mobility analyses, label-free and absolute quantitation, imaging mass spectrometry in 1- and 2-dimensions, nano-surface micro-chip based 2-dimensional MS proteomics, MALDI-MS, CE-MS, IEF, 1- and 2-D Gel based proteomics, 2-D-nano-UHPLC, UHPLC, regular HPLC protein and peptide purifications (micro- and large scale, preparative), GLP-validated industrial sample analysis with QC documentation (FIMEA/EMEA level).