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NaPPI – the National Plant Phenotyping Infrastructure is on Finland’s roadmap for research infrastructures (FIRI – Finnish Research Infrastructure). The NaPPI facilities are located in two nodes: in the greenhouse complex at the Viikki campus of the University of Helsinki and the spectromics laboratory at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). NaPPI operates the full continuum from genomics to non-invasive high-throughput phenomics and culminates in high precision metabolomics and chemical imaging.
Introduction to NaPPI

Projects at NaPPI

EPPN2020 report on Genomics of sympatric speciation of Howea palms - project..

During his PhD project of Matthew Coathup visited the University of Helsinki NaPPI facility to perform a large scale phenotypic screen on Arabidopsis mutant collection.

EPPN2020 winter wheat project at NaPPI

"Phenotyping of SS1 mutant - Evaluation of physiological and biochemical characteristics changes of winter wheat Sucrose synthase1 (SS1) nonsense mutants during cold acclimation"

EPPN2020 CREATOR project on water-saving plants.

CREATOR - CO2 regulation of stomatal conductance as a tool for generation of water-saving plants

EPPN2020 Aspen drought project

EPPN2020 TNA experiment on Aspen genotypes As part of Olusegun Akinyemi's PhD project he addressed the effects of drought stress on adaptive profile of P. tremula genotypes using VIS-RGB, chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics and hyperspectral imaging.

NaPPI meetings and course activities

33m 49s

2022 - Virtual tour of the NaPPI phenotyping facility

NaPPI virtual tour, an introduction to National Plant Phenotyping Infrastructures and Photon Systems Instruments (PSI) software.