Zeiss PALM MicroBeam Laser Microdissection Instrument

LCM is principally used to dissect and collect samples from histological sections and cell cultures, down to one-cell level and even below. A typical downstream application is RNA or DNA isolation.

Zeiss PALM Mic­ro­Beam la­ser mic­ro­dis­sec­tion in­stru­ment is located at the EE building (Agnes Sjöbergin katu 2), 3rd floor, lab 3121.

The instrument is built on the Axio Observer.Z1 body. It has a basic epifluorescence equipment, two digital cameras and a hood. For complete specifications, please see the list below.

The instrument is available to all users, after a short initial training. An hourly fee of 30€ (University of Helsinki users) / 60€ (other users, VAT(alv) 0%) is applied to cover for the running costs. Basic disposables such as membrane slides and capture tubes can be purchased from the laboratory on cost recovery basis; please note that we are not routinely stocking all disposables so contact us in advance).

To apply for access, please contact the administrator by email to lcm-admin(at)helsinki(dot)fi, specifying the following details:

  • Your name, email, phone number and work address
  • Your 8-letter username in the university IT system
  • Billing address and contact details for the person who will pay the instrument usage fees
  • Your unit code (tulosyksikkö)
  • Invoice checker's name (laskun asiatarkastajan nimi)
  • Project code / acronym for cost assignment (maksuprojektin koodi/akronyymi)
  • What kind of samples you are planning to dissect

Manuals and protocols are available in the Zeiss PALM MicroBeam Moodle area:

University of Helsinki users can book the instrument using Outlook calendar:

  • Make a calendar event in your own calendar
  • Invite Zeiss Microbeam to your event:
    • Invite attendees
    • Click “To”
    • Search the university address book for “EE-talo…”
    • Select the entry with “Zeiss Microbeam”

Anyone can view existing bookings here: http://office365.helsinki.fi/owa/calendar/074fbba2835c415faf908175136d9254@helsinki.fi/675362bf0f384e668f9531a7320c6b9d3896424342814810988/calendar.html



To receive notifications concerning MicroBeam users, subscribe to our users' mailing list by sending an email to majordomo@helsinki.fi, with no subject, and "subscribe lcm-viikki (at) Helsinki(dot)fi" as the message body.

Mikael Niku and Santeri Suokas (Division of Veterinary Biosciences) are currently responsible for running the instrument.