In vivo Brain Imaging

Rodent in vivo Brain Imaging unit is part of the Helsinki In Vivo Animal Imaging Platform (HAIP), one of the life science research infrastructures of HiLIFE (Helsinki Institute of Life Science). The unit provides cutting-edge approaches and services for optical imaging of the brain in both anesthetized and awake behaving mice. These approaches allow a unique combination of molecular, cellular, behavioral and circuit-level neuroscience research.

Rodent Brain imaging platforms

Click below for more details on our platforms for 2-photon microscopy, Wide-field Imaging, Fiber Photometry, Miniscope, Functional Ultrasound and Intrinsic Optical imaging

In vivo electrophysiology

Click here for more information on our platforms for in vivo electrophysiology (..coming soon !)

Supporting facilities

Click here for more information on our supporting facilities for surgery, genetic manipulation and behavioral training and testing

Contact and user information

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