Nikon Eclipse Ti-E N-STORM

Nikon Eclipse Ti-E N-STORM imaging system

(Room B115a2)

Nikon Eclipse Ti-E fully motorized inverted widefield microscope with Nikon IR based Perfect Focus System (PFS) and Nikon motorized XY stage for fluorescence and transmitted light imaging.

The system is also capable of the following imaging modes:

  • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF)
  • Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM)
  • High Content Screening (HCS)

The Perfect Focus System allows long time series imaging without focus drifting.


  • Andor iXon+ 897 back-illuminated EMCCD camera (512 x 512px) (b&w)
  • Andor iXon+ 885 EMCCD camera (1004 x 1002px) (b&w)


  1. 4x air
  2. 10x air
  3. 20x air
  4. 40x air

All objectives allow phase contast imaging.

Also available:

  • 20x & 40x DIC air objectives
  • 60x air
  • 60x oil
  • 100x TIRF

TIRF/STORM excitation laser lines:

  • 405 nm
  • Argon
    • 458 nm
    • 488 nm
    • 514 nm
  • 561 nm
  • 647 nm