Nikon Eclipse Ti-E for Optogenetics

Nikon Eclipse Ti-E imaging system

(Room B115a1)

Nikon Eclipse Ti-E fully motorized inverted widefield microscope with Prior motorized XY stage for fluorescence and transmitted light imaging. Equipped with a Lumencor Spectra X light engine for fast, triggered imaging and a Nikon PFS3 (Perfect focus system) for live cell imaging.

The NIS-Elements software modules allow the following imaging modes:

  • 2 channel ratio imaging
  • Fast imaging
  • High Content Screening (HCS)


  • Hamamatsu Flash 4.0 V2 scientific CMOS (b&w)


  1. 4x air
  2. 10x air
  3. 20x air
  4. 40x oil
  5. 60x oil
  6. 100x oil

Objectives 1-3 have phase contrast.

Excitation lightsource:

  • Lumencor Spectra X light engine
    • The light engine woks for optogenetic imaging

Accessories for live cell and multiwell imaging.