Imaging workstation 3

Imaging workstation 3

(Room A123b)

HP Z840 Windows 10 workstation with 256 GB RAM and NVidia Quadro M4000 graphics card. SVI Huygens Professional deconvolution with confocal, wide-field and time modules.

Software use

When you want to use a Imaging Workstation, please make a reservation in the online reservation system (Scheduler) and mark in the Event field which software you are going to use. This will let BIU follow which software is being used and which is not.


  • Imaris by Bitplane
    • 3D and 4D data visualization and analysis
    • Co-localization
    • Volume rendering
  • Huygens Professional by Scientific Volume Imaging
    • 3D and 4D data deconvolution
    • Data visualization and analysis
  • Zen Digital Imaging by Carl Zeiss
  • Leica Application Suite X (LAS X) by Leica Microsystem
  • NIS-Elements AR by Nikon
  • Mathworks Matlab
  • Fiji
    • A version of ImageJ
    • Image processing and analysis
  • CellProfiler
    • Image processing and analysis