Sanger sequencing

FIMM Technology Centre's SeqLab provides DNA sequencing services for the scientific community nationally and internationally. In addition to DNA sequencing, small to medium scale fragment analysis service is also available. Sequencing system used is Applied Biosystems ABI3730XL DNA Analyzer. As a starting material we use purified PCR products mixed with sequencing primer or ready made sequencing/fragment analysis reactions. Maximum read length (QV>20) for high quality sequencing product is around 600bp.

SeqLab uses HiLife iLab online system for managing orders and invoices. In iLab you will find the sample submission form along with information about sample processing and up to date pricing for available services. We are also using iLab as the primary communication channel regarding possible breaks in sample processing due to instrument maintenance, staff holidays etc. The old shared Seqlab email address is no longer in use - you can reach Seqlab staff via their personal email addresses.

If you need help with iLab the Seqlab staff is happy to help you get started! Below are instructions on how to register to iLab and make a work request for Sanger and fragment analysis services.


For more information please contact Minna Tuominen (minna.m.tuominen(at)

  • Optional BigDye v.3.1 sequencing reaction for customer's template-primer cocktails.
  • Sequencing reaction purification: dye terminator removal with Optima DTR 96-Well filter plates.
  • Electrophoresis with ABI3730xl DNA Analyzer.
  • Basecalling with Sequencing Analysis 5.2.
  • Results delivered via e-mail (.ab1 file format).