DNA Sequencing and Genomics Laboratory, BIDGEN

DNA Sequencing and Genomics Laboratory (BIDGEN) unit provides DNA sequencing and genomics services nationally and internationally. BIDGEN is closely collaborating with the Single-cell Proteomics and Genomics Unit at Institute of Biotechnology.

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Biocenter 2, Viikinkaari 5D, Viikki Campus, Helsinki


  • RNAseq
  • miRNAseq
  • Single-Cell Gene Expression
  • WGS
  • Amplicons
  • Metagenomics
  • de novo Genome Sequencing and Assembly
  • Basic Bioinformatics


  • DNA Sequencers (2x Illumina MiSeq, 1x Illumina NextSeq500, 1x PacBio RSII, 1x ABI3130XL),
  • QPCR, Roche 480 LightCycler
  • BioRad QX200 Digital PCR machine
  • ca. 20 conventional PCR machines,
  • Nanostring nCounter
  • Fluidigm Polaris
  • SAGE ELF and BluePippin,
  • PCR clean room for DNA isolation and one for pre-PCR work
  • Pipetting robots (Tecan Evo, Beckman NXP, Magnatrix)
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100
  • Advanced Analytical Fragment Analyzer
  • Diagenode Megaruptor and Bioruptor
  • Covaris S2 Sonicator.

User Fees:

The research infrastructure is supported by University of Helsinki (HiLIFE) and Biocenter Finland. Service pricing follows University of Helsinki pricing guidelines.

Below a few case examples of a NGS sequencing analysis projects for University of Helsinki customers (VAT 0%). Please contact us to get information about up to date prices.

Illumina DNA Sequencing

  • DNA NGS Library preparation 70 €/sample
  • Full run NextSeq500 (150+150bp) 5 250€

Illumina Amplicon (16S, ITS etc) Sequencing

  • Highly multiplexed 2-step PCR amplification from provided DNA samples, pooling, size-selection and MiSeq run (300+300 bp)  50 €/sample
  • Targeted 60 000- 100 000 de-multiplexed cleaned reads/sample

PacBio DNA Sequencing

  • DNA QC and Library preparation 500 €/sample
  • Full PacBio run (8 SMRT cells)  2 400€