The Flow Cytometry Unit provides flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting services as well as user training for new users of the instruments. Access to the flow cytometers and their reservation calenders for individual users is given after a training session. Training for new users is arranged regularly.

New users should contact the corresponding unit's personnel and discuss their experimental setup before their first reservation. When making a contact, please provide the following information: Full name, e-mail address and phone number, Department or research group, Principal investigator or supervisor (name and address), Billing information (profit center and WBS codes).

New independent users should be acquainted to basic flow cytometry before the user training. We provide all users with practical guidance for working in the facility. Appropriate training for proper use of the instruments is obligatory for all new users. Contact the corresponding unit´s personnel for further information and reservations for training.

Reservation system is available in iLab. Centralized reservation system for all Flow Cytometry Unit instruments for independent users as well as service users is found in Reservations.

The guidelines might vary between the facilities. Please contact the corresponding personnel and/or web pages for more information.

Reservation: Remeber to do reservations prior to instrument usage and possible cancellations as early as possible. Uncancelled reservations will be charged (see user fees).

Instrument: The user should ensure that the instrument is ready to use with sufficient liquids and waste. Take care that all necessary start up and shut down procedures are done according to instrument guidelines if needed. If you make any special changes to the instrument settings, change filters etc., please return the setup to the starting state. Remember to fill the logbook.

In the lab: In case of problems or need of help, contact the personnel. Please, inform the personnel if you notice any of the solutions or disposables running low in the lab. Remember to take copies of all your data (including the fcs files). Virus scanning must be done every time before you may attach your external memory to any computer.

Laboratory Safety:  Normal laboratory safety procedures should be followed. No eating or drinking in the laboratory. 

University Corona guidelines

Flow Cytometer safety: Michael G Ormerod: Flow Cytometry - A Basic Introduction - Appendix 4 Safety

Samples: Contact personnel for more precis instructions. The general rules are:

  • Samples above BSL-1 are not allowed :
  • No infectious, pathogenic or toxic samples are allowed
  • Human blood samples from screened persons only
  • No viruses,  all cell lines transducted with virus (e.g. lentiviral vectors also 3rd generation) has to be certified RCV negative. (you can visit FuGu)
  • Bacteria: discuss with personnel.
  • iPS: discuss with personnel.

Acknowledgements: Please note that we expect you to acknowledge the Flow Cytometry Unit when publishing results using any of the instruments or services. e.g. “The flow cytometry analysis was performed at the HiLife Flow Cytometry Unit, University of Helsinki.” Kindly inform the personnel about your publication.



€ / h


Additional fees


Novocyte Quanteon (Biomedicum) 25€ 150€ 30€/h for service run
BD Accuri (Biomedicum) 25€ 150€ 30€/h for service run
BD LSRFortessa (Biocenter) 25€ 60€/h 10€ start up, 30€/h for service
BD LSRII (Biocenter) 20€ 60€/h 30€/h for service run


FACSAria II (Biomedicum) 30€ 400€ 30€/h for service run
FACSAria II (Viikki) 30€ 60€/h 30€/h for service run
Sony SH800z (Biomedicum) 30€ 200€ 30€/h for service run
BD Influx (Biomedicum) 60€* -  


FlowJo software 5€ -  
GentleMACS Dissociator (Biomedicum)      tubes are invoiced

* price includes the operator, the instrument can only be used by Flow cytometry unit's personnel.

  • Prices valid for University of Helsinki customers.
  • For HUS users an addition of VAT 24 % will be applied.
  • For other academic and non-academic user fees, please, contact the corresponding facility.

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellations of sorters 24h before the starting time are not charged. Later cancellations are charged according to the booked time.
  • Cancellations of analyzators 12 h before the starting time are not charged. Later cancellations are charged according to the booked time.