FCCI Consortium and Nodes

FCCI is a national network of 10 partners:

The user base of FCCI is very cross- and multidisciplinary, including researchers from, e.g., physics, chemistry, mathematics, life and biosciences, computer science, economy, digital humanities, linguistics, political sciences, and arts.

FCCI provides computational resources to a variety of top-level research environments such as the Academy of Finland Flagships in artificial intelligence (FCAI, Aalto Univ and Univ Helsinki), photonics (PREIN), telecommunication (6G, Univ Oulu), and atmosphere and climate (ACCC, Univ Helsinki). FCCI also supports numerous Academy of Finland Centers of Excellence and the groups of about 27 current ERC grant awardees. Support is targeted at both computational and experimental actions, and more generally at all researchers whose work benefits from HPC resources.

In June 2021, when the total FCCI capacity provided by its partners (above) is about 32,000 CPU cores and a major resource of GPU capacity, FCCI is creating its skin in a new era when it is undergoing a transition period from the previous architecture (FGCI - Finnish Grid and Cloud Infrastructure (2014-2021)) to a new era (2021-).