Prices for academic national groups

Valid from 01.09.2015 (0% VAT) 


Use of transmission electron microscopes (including use of CCD-cameras):

  • Tecnai 12 TEM 36.00 /h
  • Jeol JEM-1400 TEM 36.00 /h
  • Tecnai 20 FEG-TEM 144.00 /4h

Use of scanning electron microscope

  • Quanta 250 FEG-SEM 36.00 /h
  • Use of Quanta 250 FEG-SEM for 3View projects 330.00 / run (max 18h)

Microscope operator services35.00 /h

Training for the use of microscopes is not charged for projects using at least 10 microscopy hours.
For shorter projects, operator services are charged in addition to the microscope usage hours.

Specimen preparation:

Specimen embedding:

  • Standard protocols, 3 blocks/sample 28.00 /sample
  • Enhanced contrast protocol (for 3View), 3 blocks/sample 60.00 /sample


  • Plastic sectioning (ultrathin sections for TEM or semi-thick sections for LM; including 3 grids/sample + post-staining) 20.00 /sample
  • Cryo-sectioning (including up to 10 grids) 70.00 /sample

High pressure freezing (including specimen carriers) 75.00 /sample

Freeze substitution 18.00 /sample

Critical point drying 18.00 /run

Use of platinum sputter 10.00 /run

Use of carbon coater 8.00 /run

Use of glow discharge unit 3.30 /run

Technical time 25.00 /h

Prices for specimen preparation for collaborative projects are negotiable on a case-by-case basis.