Electron Microscopy (EMBI)

Electron Microscopy Unit (EMBI) is a research laboratory and a central core facility in the Institute of Biotechnology. We belong to the Biocenter Finland Biological imaging network, and provide nationwide technology services on advanced electron microscopy techniques. We belong to Euro-BioImaging Advanced Light Microcopy Finnish Node

Annually we have around 100 projects from biological and medical sciences. About one third of the projects are research collaborations, while the others are on the basis of joint use of instruments and paid services. Our pricing follows the basic principles of Biocenter Finland supported technology services. 

At present, three transmission and one scanning electron microscope are in use. The 200 kV field emission gun TEM is equipped for cryoEM. As a core facility, we provide standard specimen preparation techniques for both TEM and SEM analysis. More advanced techniques include several different immunoEM methods, high-pressure freezing followed by freeze substitution, correlative light electron microscopy, electron tomography and 3D serial block face imaging on SEM, and are provided through research collaboration. We organize practical courses on EM techniques annually, and provide training for the use of equipment and guidance for specimen preparation. 

Our own research focuses on the determinants of the endoplasmic reticulum structure and dynamics, and in methodological improvements in advanced specimen preparation techniques and 3D imaging.