Microscopes and Software

PerkinElmer Opera Phenix High Content Screening System

Opera Phenix

PerkinElmer Opera Phenix includes:

  • Spinning-disk confocal
  • Imaging in confocal, widefield, digital phase contrast and brightfield modes
  • 4 lasers: 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, and 640nm
  • 7 objectives
    • 4 long working distance air objectives: 5x NA 0.16, 10x NA 0.3, 20x NA 0.4, 40x NA 0.6
    • 3 water immersion objectives: 20x NA 1.0, 40x NA 1.1, 63x NA 1.15
  • 2 Andor Zyla sCMOS cameras, 2160x2160 pixels (6.5um pixel size)
  • Environmental control for live cell imaging
    • Temperature control 37-42 oC with 1 oC increments
    • CO2 control 1-10% with 0.5% increments
  • Various multi-well plates supported, and a slide holder for up to 4 slides
20x Air objective

Leica LMD7 Laser microdissection system

The system comprises a Leica LMD7 inverted widefield microscope with long working distance objective lenses (10x, 20x, 40x). The microscope has filters for TRITC, FITC and  DAPI wavelenghts. The system uses LAS X software for imaging and basic analysis. Computer Assisted Microscope Imaging (CAMI) pipeline uses the SCT BIAS software package, which can utilize any set of image data from either FIMM-HCA equipment or from a variety of other microscope systems with three calibration points visible in the sample. BIAS is used for deep learning based image analysis, cell classification and contour export of single cells or tissue areas from membrane slides for microdissection in the LMD7. Dissected samples can then be processed and analyzed with methods such as single cell sequencing (in collaboration with FIMM Single Cell Analytics) or proteomics.

Olympus ScanR high content screening system

The system comprises an Olympus IX81 inverted microscope with long working distance objective lenses (10x, 20x, 40x) and also a 60x oil immersion lens. The microscope has a selection of filters (DAPI, Alexa 488, Alexa 555, Alexa 594 and Alexa 647).

Data management and software

Secure data server for image storage for up to 6 months (regular service) or upon agreement. >300 TB of storage for all users. Access to the Opera Phenix data can also be provided upon request via PerkinElmer Columbus software.