Jeol JEM-1400
Transmission Electron Microscope

Location: Room 1413

Model: Jeol JEM-1400 (Jeol Ltd., Tokyo, Japan)
Resolution (Line), nm: 0.20 
Resolution (Point), nm: 0.38 
Filament: Tungsten
Voltage, kV: 40-120
Magnification: x50 - x800,000

Equipped with:

  • Gatan Orius SC 1000B bottom mounted CCD-camera (Gatan Inc., USA)
  • Resolution: 4008 x 2672 pixels (9 µ each)
  • CCD active area: 36 x 24 mm
  • Scintilator: High-resolution phosphor
  • Binning: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x
  • Dynamic range: 14-bit
  • Frame rate: 14 fps @ 4x binning full CCD area (1002 x 668 pixels) 30MHz dual port CCD readout



Hitachi HT780
Transmission Electron Microscope

Location: Room 1407

Electron gun: Tungsten
Accelerating voltage: 20-120
Resolution: 0.204
Maximum magnification: x600 000


FEI Quanta 250 Field Emission Gun
Scanning Electron Microscope

Location: Room 1409

Vacuum modes:

  • High vacuum
  • Low vacuum
  • Extended vacuum mode (ESEM) with cooling stage


  • Everhardt Thornley SED (secondary electron detector)
  • Large Field Low vacuum SED (LFD)
  • Gaseous SED (GSED) (used in ESEM mode)
  • vCD (low voltage high contrast detector)
  • BSED (back scattered electron detector)
  • Gatan BSED (used with 3View)

Equipped with the Gatan 3View system with the ability to obtain in situ 3D data at remarkably fine depth resolution by means of Serial Block-Face Scanning.