High-content Screening

A simple high-content screening digital widefield microscope with brightfield & up to 4-channel fluorescence imaging with LED excitation & fixed filters. Well plates or microscope slides can be used, and the system has environmental control for live cell experiments on well plates.

  • DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Texas Red & Cy5 filter cubes + transmitted light
  • Color camera
  • 4x, 10x, 20x & 40x long working-distance dry objectives
  • Fits well plates or up to 4 slides
  • CO2, heating & humidity control for live imaging cassette
  • CellReporterXpress software for imaging and simple analysis; MetaXpress software for more complex analysis

Location: Room A509a2

Tech­nical de­tails: BIU wiki

Reservations: Open IRIS

Fully motorized inverted widefield microscope for fluorescence and transmitted light imaging with full environmental chamber,  Perfect Focus System for long time series and Lumencor Spectra X light engine

The NIS-Elements software modules allow the following imaging modes:

  • 2 channel ratio imaging
  • Fast imaging
  • High-Content Screening (HCS)

Location: Room B115a1

Tech­nical de­tails: BIU wiki

Reservations: Open IRIS