Platform for research and education in atomic layer level materials processing

ALD center Finland is a national, centralized open access platform for research and education in atomic layer level materials processing techniques of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Atomic Layer Etching (ALEt). The center also serves as a valuable resource to other fields of research that require state-of-the-art techniques for thin film characterization and resolving surface chemistry. ALD center Finland welcomes researchers also widely beyond the ALD/ALEt community.


ALD center Finland offers services with three groups of equipment: ALD/ALEt reactors connected to analytical techniques for in situ and in vacuo studies on the reaction mechanisms; ALD/ALEt reactors for testing precursors and developing processes; Thin film characterization techniques. Learn more.


We provide services in multiple different ways: measurement services, collaborative research, and access to infrastructure. To start using ALD center Finland resources please prepare a compact free-from application where you explain your research case and expected needs from ALD center, and submit that to Your application will be evaluated by the steering group and feedback reported to you in a week.


We can provide courses both via the Master's Programme in Materials Research and on-demand. Please contact for more details. A master degree in ALD has now launched! The major subject is Inorganic materials chemistry, but your courses are collected to focus on ALD and closely related topics, and this will be documented in an attachment of you diploma.