The research infrastructure in INAR is called INAR RI. INAR RI is an umbrella RI, coordinating the distributed national nodes of European environmental research infrastructures (ICOS, ACTRIS, eLTER and AnaEE). The components of INAR RI study the atmosphere, biosphere and their interactions. INAR RI is a next generation RI, where co-located comprehensive and multidisciplinary measurements enable studying complicated interaction and feedback processes between different environmental variables, and where observations and experimental measurements support each other in cost-effective way.

INAR RI includes a number of well-equipped, continuously functioning field measurement stations around Finland, and experimental atmosphere and ecological laboratories. Our key strength is the combination of comprehensive, continuous long-term observations, extensive field and laboratory experiments, use of satellite data, and advanced modeling leading to theoretical understanding and quantitative predictions of different atmosphere-biosphere processes, and innovative method and instrument development.