INAR seminars

The schedule of the upcoming INAR seminars is found here. Usually the seminars take place during term time on Thursdays at 14:15 in Physicum E204. Ocassionally extra seminars at different times / on different days are organised.

INAR seminars can now be attended remotely.  The intended audience is members of INAR but we also welcome external people who are interested in our work. If you are an external person who would like to join the seminar, please contact Victoria Sinclair ( for more details. All attendees must follow our seminar policy (below)

INAR seminar policy

We encourage open communication about the work in progress and the unpublished results presented in the INAR seminar series. Please note that all content of the seminar series must be regarded as a private communication from the individual presenting the work. The content of the INAR seminars is not for public use: you must not record or photgraph the seminars or share any of the presented content in public (e.g. social media). You are welcome to contact the presenters for further discussions.

Autumn 2021

09.09.2021 at 15:15. Associate Professor Kerri Pratt (University of Michigan)  "Chemistry on Ice: Shedding Light on Arctic Halogen Photochemistry"

28.10.2021 at 14:15

04.11.2021 at 14:15. Dr Marco Zanatta (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). "The Arctic in a bottle: can we reproduce Arctic soot ageing in a simulation chamber"

11.11.2021 at 14:15. Reserved for the lNAR leadership related movie club session

18.11.2021 at 14:15. Dr Ana Álvarez Piedehierro (Atmospheric Aerosols Group, Finnish Meteorological Institute). "Do boreal forest emissions contribute to the formation of ice clouds?"

25.11.2021 at 14:15. Assoc. Professor Chris Holloway, (Dept. of Meteorology, Univ. of Reading, UK). "Radiation, clouds, and tropical circulations”

02.12.2021 at 14:15. Dr. Bernhard Reischl (INAR, University of Helsinki). "Heterogeneous ice nucleation and inhibition of ice formation: an atomistic simulation perspective"

09.12.2021 at 14:15. Dr. Lars Aue (Alfred-Wegener-Institute). Title TBA.

16.12.2021 at 14:15 Dr. Karoliina Pulkkinen (The Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki) "Values in climate modelling"

Spring 2022

20.01.2022 at 14:15. Prof. Risto Makkonen (FMI). "An Introduction to the CRiceS H2020 project"

27.01.2022 at 14:15

03.02.2022 at 14:15

10.02.2022 at 14:15

17.02.2022 at 14:15

24.02.2022 at 14:15

03.03.2022 at 14:15

10.03.2022 at 14:15

17.03.2022 at 14:15

24.03.2022 at 14:15

31.03.2022 at 14:15. Dr Helen Ward (Unniversity of Innsbruck, Austria)

07.04.2022 at 14:15

14.04.2022 at 14:15: Dr Giancarlo Ciarelli (INAR), Title TBA

21.04.2022 at 14:15

28.04.2022 at 14:15

05.05.2022 at 14:15