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Since 2017, there has been about 130 articles published in peer-reviewed journals. You can find latest examples below and the whole publication list HERE.

Dewar, R., Mauranen, A., Mäkelä, A., Hölttä, T., Medlyn, B. & Vesala, T. 2018. New insights into the covariation of stomatal, mesophyll and hydraulic conductances from optimization models incorporating nonstomatal limitations to photosynthesis. New Phytologist. 217 (2) 571-585.

Jiskra, M., Sonke, J., Obrist, D., Bieser, J., Ebinghaus, R., Myhre, C., Aspmo Pfaffhuber, K., Wängberg, I., Kyllönen, K., Worthy, D., Martin, L., Labuschagne, C., Mkololo, T., Ramonet, M., Magand, O. & Dommergue, A. 2018. A vegetation control on seasonal variations in global atmospheric mercury. Nature Geoscience, 26 march 2018. DOI: 10.1038/s41561-018-0078-8.

Köster K., Köster K., Berninger F., Heinonsalo J. and Pumpanen J. 2018. Grazing by reindeer drives the three main greenhouse gas emissions from the subarctic boreal forest soils. Land Degradation and Development. doi: 10.1002/ldr.2868.

Matias, L., Linares, J.C, Sánchez-Miranda, A. & Jump, A.S. 2017. Contrasting growth forecast across the geographical range of Scots pine due to altitudinal and latitudinal differences in climatic sensitivity. Global Change Biology 23(10): 4106-4116. doi: 10.1111/gcb.13627.

Mustonen, K.-R., Mykrä, H., Marttila, H., Sarremejane, R., Veijalainen, N., Sippel, K., Muotka, T. & Hawkins, C.P. 2018. Thermal and hydrologic responses to climate change predict marked alterations in boreal stream invertebrate assemblages. Global Change Biology (in press).

Mäkiranta P., Laiho R., Mehtätalo L., Strakova P., Sormunen J. Minkkinen K., Penttilä T., Fritze H. & Tuittila, E-S. 2018. Responses of phenology and biomass production of boreal fens to climate warming under different water-table level regimes. Global Change Biology 24: 944–956.

Pulliainen J., Aurela M., Laurila T., Aalto T., Takala M., Salminen M., Kulmala M., Barr A., Heimann M., Lindroth A., Laaksonen A., Derksen C., Mäkelä A., Markkanen T., Lemmetyinen J., Susiluoto J., Dengel S., Mammarella I., Tuovinen J. & Vesala T. 2017. Early snowmelt significantly enhances boreal springtime carbon uptake. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114, 42, 11081-11086, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1707889114