AnaEE Finland — Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems

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AnaEE (Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems) is a European-wide infrastructure for experimental research on managed and unmanaged terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. AnaEE assists and integrates four types of national platforms and provides support to European scientists who wish to engage in research projects using these platforms: Open-air platforms, Enclosed platforms, Analytical platforms, and Modelling platforms.

Finland participated in the AnaEE Preparatory Phase Project in 2012-2016. AnaEE is now in the pre-operational phase and preparing to become an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium). Finland has not yet joined in the Assembly of Members.

Aims of AnaEE Finland
AnaEE Finland would complement the European AnaEE RI by bringing in for example:

  • High-level experimental research station in boreal and sub-arctic region
  • experimental laboratories and analysing equipment
  • modelling platforms, wide-scale data and dataportals

AnaEE will cooperate with other research infrastructures, especially with eLTER, ICOS, ACTRIS, LifeWatch.

AnaEE Infrastructure in Finland
The potential AnaEE Finland infrastructure components include research stations, laboratories and field experiments hosted by University of Helsinki (UH), Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), University of Eastern Finland (UEF), University of Jyväskylä (JyU), Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), University of Oulu (UO), University of Turku (UTu) and Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) (see the map below).


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