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    NeuroSCIENCE center seminars

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    Big questions in neuroscience and current limits of knowledge

    Are you interested in what are the key open research questions in different fields of neuroscience?
    What are the current conceptual and methodological limitations?
    What are the biggest hurdles for effective prevention and treatment of psychiatric and neurological diseases?

    Come and hear our top neuroscientists discuss these and other timely questions in the context of their research. The events are open to students, postdocs, group leaders, or anyone interested in neuroscience, and science in general. 

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    Organizer: Professor Iiris Hovatta, Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki

    BioMag-NSU seminars

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    Drug research seminars

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    Webinars are hosted by Professor Hélder Santos, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki

    Neuroscience events, University of Helsinki Calendar

    Some of the open webinars, coursers, events and seminars are collected in the Google calendar called Neuroscience events, University of Helsinki. Feel free to have a look and subscribe to it to keep on track on academic events.


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