The Institute of Biotechnology (BI) is a home to about 75 postdocs and 75 PhD students. It provides a supportive environment and training to launch and nurture the careers of gifted young bioscientists, more than 500 of them over 25 years. BI offers exciting positions at all levels of your research training and career. As a member of one of our groups, you will be part of a young international team, using English as your working language. Take a look and see if we can offer what your career needs!

The atmosphere at the Institute of Biotechnology is stimulating, and a distinct pioneering spirit can be felt among our staff. Here you will find first-class research and state-of-the-art scientific services. Housed on the Viikki Life Science campus, BI offers an inspiring home to about 300 scientists and administrative staff.

BI's research groups are well funded to support a number of pre- and post-doctoral positions. There is a strong tradition to encourage participation in meetings and training courses. BI also participates in organizing international meetings and provides courses within the graduate program curricula.

When coming to work at BI, we recognize your private needs and try to make the relocation as smooth as possible. For newcomers, there are short-term housing possibilities. 

Finland is an outstanding country for a parent with young kids. We can offer affordable, world-class public daycare and education, and Helsinki offers a range of foreign language schooling options. We are also very aware that many of our new employees are accompanied by spouses looking for qualified positions, and in some cases we can help secure positions.

The University of Helsinki has a program to support your efforts to learn the local languages and we have several possibilities for the team and personal exercise.

Learn more about living in Helsinki and working at the University of Helsinki.

Undergraduate students have several options to get engaged with research in BI. These include

  • 10 ECTS Research projects
  • internships/summer jobs
  • Master’s theses

Undergraduates from several different Bachelor's programmes (e.g. Biology, Molecular Biosciences, Bioinformatics) and Master’s programmes (e.g. Genetics and Molecular Biosciences, Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Plant Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Life Science Informatics) can find suitable research projects in BI.

Interested undergraduates should contact group leaders directly!

Graduate students belong to one of the graduate programs of the University of Helsinki (e.g. Integrative Life Sciences, Microbiology and Biotechnology, Brain & Mind, Plant Sciences, Drug Research, Biomedicine, Oral Sciences) that provide a wide spectrum of training in both research-related topics but also in career development.

After completing a PhD at the Institute of Biotechnology, the students may find positions in academia, biotech, medicine, agri-tech, science administration or communications. The broad international contacts of BI’s group leaders help academically-oriented graduate students to identify suitable labs for postdoctoral studies.

Graduate students looking for a position at BI should examine our research programmes and contact group leaders.

Post-doctoral researchers at the Institute of Biotechnology are part of the Viikki Postdoctoral Association (ViPA). It encompasses postdocs from all faculties and research institutes in Viikki, providing an exciting forum for engaging with fellow postdocs. ViPA promotes interaction and community amongst Viikki postdocs by organising workshops and seminars addressing several aspects of the postdoctoral period, in addition to facilitating career development.

As a BI postdoc, you will additionally have the opportunity to participate in the multidisciplinary BI seminar series, organised twice a semester that brings together different researchers within BI.

If you are looking for a postdoc-position, contact group leaders directly or take a look at open positions at the University of Helsinki.

New postdocs should contact to be added to the association's mailing list.