Craig Primmer: Evolution, Conservation, and Genomics

The group's research program aims to understand the molecular and ecological processes underlying evolutionary adaptation using fish species such as Atlantic salmon as models. Ongoing topics of research include:

  • The genetic architecture of life-history variation: functional mechanisms & implications for evolution
  • Age at maturity in Atlantic salmon: molecular and ecological dissection of an adaptive trait

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Craig is a Principal Investigator/Group Leader at BI and Professor of Genomics at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences (Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Programme). He was granted an ERC Advanced Grant in 2017 and has held the position of Academy Professor 2011-2015 and 2017-2021. 


Craig Primmer, Academy Professor
Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Organismal & Evolutionary Biology Research Program &
Institute of Biotechnology, HiLIFE 

Biocenter 1 C, Room 3404 
P.O.Box 56 (Viikinkaari 9) 
00014 University of Helsinki 

Phone: +358 2941 59074